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California Manufacture-Home Parks Emergency Preparedness

In light of San Diego's Cedar Fire (2003), the Wildfires of 2007 and more recently those that hit San Marcos on May 2014, with the "devil winds" of Santa Anna and charred 9,987 acres, you may ask if your park is prepared?

Though park management and the park-owner are NOT responsible for physically evacuating residents from their homes, under Title 25, Chapter 2 ยง 1013's Emergency Preparedness Plans "every park-owner shall adopt an emergency preparedness plan and notify park residents how to obtain a copy of the plan for the owner to obtain a permit to operate."

Under the law, the information in subsections (c) and (d) states it, "must be submitted to the city enforcement agency upon renewal of a permit to operate or the issuance of the initial permit for a new park, whichever comes first"; Section 18300, Health and Safety Code. Reference: Sections 18500, and 18603, Health and Safety Code.

Has your park management, or your Homeowners Association, created such a plan? If not, SMMRA will assist your HOA in achieving your park's lifesaving plan of action.

Click here to read the article "What's Happening Across The Pond" by David Jones, UK.

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