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Who We Are
Laws &
    SMMRA, non-profit No. C1847436 P.O. Box 4104, San Marcos, CA 92079-1015    
Mission and History

San Marcos Mobilehome Residents Association (SMMRA) promotes, represents, preserves, protects and enhances manufactured/mobilehome-owner's way of life throughout the jurisdiction of San Marcos, California. It assists its members in the operations of successful manufactured home community living in today's complex business, regulatory environment through education, public and government relations and representing its members who are faced with unlawful disparities.


Based on the same principles our country's founding fathers fought for, SMMRA was created in 1992 to protect the tangible investment of all San Marcos manufactured home owners as any property owner has. SMMRA enforces the implementation of existing laws by park owners/management who flounder or disobey the MRL, Title 25, City and County ordinances, etc., in an attempt to overthrow rent control, rezone mobile home property to encompass a developer’s needs and/or other injustices.

Since its inception all SMMRA members, and the community it serves, has benefited from its continuous work. First and foremost is the sense of security in a well maintained and healthy the home-owner from unfair rules and regulations...the sale of their capital investment and closure without the opportunity to participate in its own self-determination. SMMRA looks forward to the day when the owner of a manufactured home is accorded the same rights and privileges as other property owners.

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