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    SMMRA, non-profit No. C1847436 P.O. Box 4104, San Marcos, CA 92079-1015    
What Is SMMRA?

SMMRA (San Marcos Mobile Home Residents Association) was conceived to amalgamate all manufactured-home owners into one cooperative to fight unilateral demands by park owners' excessive rent increases, inadequate maintenance and reluctance of residents to form homeowners associations and Rules & Regulation Committees (neither park-owners nor their management are eligible). SMMRA has often filed grievances before the City Council Chambers prompting a hearing that resulted in favor of the residents. Until SMMRA, mobilehome-owners were at the mercy of the park-owners not abiding by California Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) or City Ordinances.

SMMRA's Board of Directors and Park Representatives are committed in solving challenges homeowners face when their own Homeowners Association are unable to do it alone.

SMMRA meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm
(unless otherwise posted)


Meetings are open to all park residents who wish to become, or are active SMMRA members, to voice concerns or participate on a SMMRA committee. SMMRA will engage in solving a specific issue presented to their SMMRA Park Representative in writing by members only.

SMMRA Political Action Committee (PAC) regularly updates its members to recommend action for or against proposed legislation and/or ordinances affecting mobile-home living and sponsors a "FORUM" during an election year where City, County, and State candidates running for an office present their views and capabilities, and answer questions to their positions on manufacture-home living.

SMMRA joins forces with allies throughout California to strengthen manufacture-home-owners rights:

Golden State Manufacture-home Owner League (GSMOL)
Oceanside Manufactured Homeowners Alliance, Inc. (OMHA)
Mobile Home Magazine (MHM)
San Marcos Chamber of Commerce (SMCC)

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