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Rules and Regulations by Park

At the time you fill-out your newly purchased manufactured-home's park rental application agreement, your park-owner/manager must by California civil Code §798.15 provide you with a copy of its park Rules and Regulations (R&Rs). Since these R&Rs are often compiled by their attorney, they are complex and baffling, yet you fear if you don't sign, you’ll be denied occupancy.

In most California parks, the home-owner doesn't have the legal right to force the park-owner to amend them, though the park-owner must meet and consult with the homeowners, their representatives, or both, if s/he intends to modify the R&Rs. Additionally, management shall notify the homeowner in writing 10 or more days before the meeting of her/his intent.

Beware, management/owner will ask the home-owner to sign the new R&Rs, and if you don't, they'll go into effect 60 days after the meeting. By doing so, you agree to everything in the R&Rs, [except items that counter the MRL], and may face losing in court on an R&R discrepancy.

Whereas San Marcos manufactured-homeowners may be fooled by their park-owner or management to believe they too have no voice in the way their park is governed and discouraged from forming a resident association.

The passage of the City of San Marcos' Proposition T Mobilehome Park Rule Change Consent Ordinance supports the forming of a Homeowner Association (HOA) and appoint a "Rules & Regulations Committee" to review/approve any changes/additions/deletions, or modifications Park R&Rs that affect its residents prior to being implemented. It is further strengthened, under home rule, by the City's Title 16, and "Charter of 1994"/2001-Resolution. Additionally, the residents themselves may reject their R&R Committee's proposal by majority petition before the R&Rs are submitted to the City Clerk for filing.

SMMRA governs these City ordinances for the benefit of all mobilehome-owners. Become a member today.

San Marcos Park R&Rs may vary from park to park and are listed below:

Palomar Estates West
Palomar Estates East
Rancho Vallecitos Estates
Rancho Valle Verde Estates

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