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Most of the piecemealed provisions of the California Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) were enacted over years and eventually codified under Chapter 2.5 of the Civil Code in 1978. In 1980, the California's Housing and Community Development (HCD) was established and 1991 legislators mandated the agency to enter and inspect all mobilehome parks to enforce the compliance of the California Mobilehome Parks Act and the Special Occupancy Parks Act. These two Acts, and California's 1970 Resolution with San Marcos, provide park residents a healthy and safe living environment.

SMMRA has been at the forefront of enforcing existing laws and ordinances, while its PAC has lead for the passage of such bills as Rent Control and Proposition T or opposing new that would shatter San Marcos' manufactured-home owners' investment.

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City of San Marcos Council:

Jim Desmond - Mayor - Website
Rebecca Jones - Vice Mayor - Website
Chris Orlando - Council Member - Website
Kristal Jabara - Council Member - Website
Sharon Jenkins - Council Member - Website

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Mobile Home Education and Mediation

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CA Mobilehome Laws and Applications

CA Housing and Community Development Car Port Construction/Remodeling Laws & Application

"Who's Responsible For What?" and HCD Contact Numbers

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